When Xerris helps customers migrate to the cloud, we definitely need to build out a business case to prove out the value that the migration effort will create.

This is will start with an on-premises inventory discovery. We have installed the Agentless collector to monitor an organization’s current environment. This will deliver an overview of the current on-premises infrastructure and also examine their server configuration, utilization, annual costs to operate, licensing and other parameters.

An initial report generates projected costs to re-host on AWS given the usage patterns. Cost breakdown of infrastructure and software licensing are also considered. These insights can help determine the future state architecture that will work best with the customer.

Getting Started

  1. Request an AWS Business Case https://pages.awscloud.com/Migration-Evaluator-request.html
    (Once the request has been processed you will receive an email invitation)
    2. Create an account for the Migration Evaluator Console
    3. You will now have access the guides and software needed to deploy Migration Evaluator
    4. Review the Installation guide checklist including the appropriate server specifications, English version of Windows Server, Windows Administrative rights, network connectivity and required permissions

Migration Evaluator

Installation Steps

1. Install the Migration Evaluator Bootstrap
a. Includes the .NET runtime and local Maria DB instance
2. Install the Collector Software
a. Will need to be done under a local system account
3. Configure Collection from VMWare (if required)
4. Configure Operating System Credentials(for Non VMWare environment)
5. Configure Collection from Bare Metal Servers (if required)
6. Configure Collection from Hyper-V Servers (if required)
7. Configure SQL Server Discovery (if required)
8. Configure Virtual Machine OS Metric Collection
. This will monitor resource utilization and create right sizing information
9. Configure Synchronization with MIgration Evaluator Analytics
. This is to send the data to an S3 bucket for the final report to be generated
10. Annotating Discovered Inventory with Business Data and Provisioning
. This involves updating an Excel workbook to add server metadata including environment to assist in the final analysis

Findings and the Business Case

It is recommended that the data collection run for about 2 weeks to generate an accurate report. It can collect for one week with data being extrapolated if needed as well. Other options can be considered as well.

The AWS Account team will work on generating the Business Case to highlight the savings that can be achieved along with Data Insights.

Executive Summary

Next Steps

The Migration Evaluator helps generate key information to unlock the value in the Migration effort. This will help complete the Assess phase of the MAP Program and help successfully move towards the Mobilize and finally the Migrate & Modernize phases.


Migration Evaluator is a valuable tool in helping create the inventory of your on-premise environment. This takes the guesswork out of a Migration effort to the AWS Cloud and provides valuable insights into making an effective and successful migration.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us at Xerris.com for more information about your organization’s cloud and digital transformation needs and how we can help you.