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Data Silos

Data Silos

Valuable data stays trapped in siloed systems, mandating manual pulling and cleansing.

Legacy Technology

Legacy Technology

Legacy system upgrades, band-aid solutions and custom integrations monopolize your team’s time.

Downtime and Bugs

Downtime & Bugs

Performance, uptime and reliability issues bug up your systems and prevent progress.

Disconnected Systems

Disconnected Systems

Multiple ERP, P2P and CRM systems don’t play nice, and end-to-end integration is a pipe dream.

Dissatisfied Customers

Dissatisfied Customers

Customer satisfaction is low, and mobile & self-serve options to make their lives easier are out of reach.

Rigid Product Offering

Rigid Product Offering

Efforts and resources to create bundled offers or promotions far outweigh the benefit.

Set the stage for future innovation

A modern business has happy customers, smooth cost effficient operations, and most importantly, a future-ready foundation.

Integrated systems

Create a connected environment where all your tools can speak to each other.

Cloud reliability

Re-establish performance and reliability by moving systems and applications to the cloud.

Real-time data

Access real-time data seamlessly from a single source, saving time and reducing operating costs.

Business insights

Turn data into insights to make smarter decisions and identify business opportunities.

Satisfied Customers

Satisfy your customers with the experiences, services and promotions they expect.

Don’t be left behind. Set your business up for future success.

Disrupt your business & Step into the future

This is the stuff legends are made of.

IOT cold-chain logistics

Enable safe and traceable cold-chain logistics with real-time IOT temperature data.

Robotics & Driverless Cars

Prepare your supply chain for major innovation and automation with the addition of robotics & autonomous vehicles.

Digital Twin

Elevate the customer experience with digital twins to create an augmented reality “in-store” experience.

Real-time IOT tracking

Advance your logistics with real-time IOT tracking and machine learning process optimization.

Machine learning

Prevent equipment down-time (and subsequent costs and production losses) with predictive maintenance schedules powered by machine learning.

Tomorrow won’t wait. Disrupt yourself now to Future-proof your business.

Our Solutions

Tear down the obstacles standing between your business and the future.
Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Frontend Development

Frontend Development

Microservice Development

Microservice Development

Kubernetes Implementation

Kubernetes Implementation

The Xerris value equation is simple

Quick to Start. Quick to Value. Quick to Trust

Our people are our superpower

Good people are hard to come by. But as skilled unicorn-hunters, we’ve found the best and brightest tech problem solvers. Don’t let the hoodies fool you…we have the X factor.

We earn our keep quickly

Our agile approach and super-skilled team give us, and you, a leg up. We build trust early, and you’ll see value just as fast as we prove ours.

We pay for ourselves

To put it simply, we deliver. And the work we do quickly pays for itself in operational efficiency, revenue gains, and happy customers. Enough said.

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