Moving to cloud and need to take that first step? Xerris can help you get started with our Cloud Xcelerator Program developed to make your businesses transition to the cloud simple. Whether you are trying to modernize your business, reduce your costs, improve security, or all of the above, our Xcelerator program sets you on the right path to unlock some of these benefits.

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Xerris has developed the Cloud Xcelerator Program to make it easy for you and your team to build a strong cloud foundation in a cost-effective and efficient way, while allowing your team to learn along the way. Xerris is a team built on training and mentorship. We bring and encourage that in every one of our engagements to set you and your team up for success.

Secure by Default

Ensure from day 1 you’ve got the right alerts and monitoring in place

Training Baked In

Have your core team up and running with how to launch new projects and workloads

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Focus on automation from the start, we have reusable Terraform modules that accelerate your time to market.

Rapid Exploration

No two customers are the exact same; we review your requirements through a lens of security, networking, and DevOps


Xerris will work with your team and get you into the cloud quickly, securely, and ready for your next steps in a matter of weeks. We fluidly follow this approach below but tailor it to your team, and organizations needs, in an agile way, and ensure that we waste no time in getting your cloud launched.

Discover & Train

We focus on understanding your requirements, making sure we capture key information across operations, networking and security. We’ll set up training sessions for your organization to get them ready to start using the cloud. This step is focused on getting things set up for success.

Discovery and Training


We’ll launch your cloud infrastructure using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and ensure security guardrails are in place to prevent common misconfiguration (e.g. public buckets, public virtual machines). We’ll set up your teams Single-Sign-On to your cloud environment and get them familiar with how to operate it.


We’ll deliver the essential documentation and follow-on training resources to ensure your team continues their skills and development. Our team will provide guidance and next steps for getting your first projects into the cloud moving forward.



Quick Start

Quick Start

The best thing to do to help your cloud adoption is to get started. We don’t like to waste a lot of time getting you over the first steps.
Machine learning

Training & Support

Your cloud adoption will only be successful if your team is ready to continue and support it. Xerris regularly delivers Cloud and Development bootcamps and we use this experience to tailor a training, mentorship, and paired learning opportunity for your team throughout the engagement.
Fast implementation

Fast Implementation

Our customers have remarked on many occasions about how quickly our teams are able to deliver value. Our Cloud Xcelerator Program is designed to get you and your team into the cloud quickly as a demonstration of what can be accomplished with the right partnership.
Cost savings

Cost Savings

Time is money, and because we are efficient at what we do our Cloud Xcelerator is a cost-effective way to start your migration journey. Saving valuable dollars for future cloud enablement plans


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