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BURNCO Landscape Centre

Xerris Helped Burnco Set Digital Transformation in Motion with Cloud Xcelerator

As business grew for BURNCO Landscape Centre (BURNCO) and order volume rapidly increased, their legacy systems began impacting support response times and causing delivery delays. BURNCO knew they needed more advanced technology to streamline their operations and increase customer satisfaction. They engaged with Xerris and the Cloud Xcelerator Program to get the first steps of their cloud technology strategy, and their team's cloud technology education set on the right path.


BURNCO Problem


Cloud Xcelerator


As order volumes increased for BURNCO’s residential retail landscaping division, they needed a modernization strategy to incrementally evolve the outmoded capabilities of their legacy systems. Inflexible, difficult to navigate systems were hindering the call center support team’s ability to provide timely responses to growing order inquiries and creating delays in deliveries, thus degrading the customer experience. BURNCO needed to take the first steps towards this larger modernization strategy.

The solution: Cloud Xcelerator

As the first step in the modernization process, BURNCO engaged Xerris and the Cloud Xcelerator program to set their cloud environment, standards, and knowledge on the right path. Xerris helped BURNCO establish development standards to sustain, protect, and secure the new infrastructure put in place with little to no disruption to mission critical legacy systems.

“Xerris had a thorough knowledge of the AWS solutions and ecosystem,” said Michael Smith, Vice President of Technology and CIO, BURNCO Rock Products Ltd. “They were able to quickly navigate our technology environment and business requirements, and then turn that around into a scalable architecture plan in a short timeframe. They showed an appreciation for where we were on the maturity cycle since we were new to the AWS experience and did not have a development methodology in place.”

Xerris partnered, mentored, and trained BURNCO’s technology team as needed during the Cloud Xcelerator to ensure the next steps taken in the digital transformation journey were as smooth as the first.

BURNCO Solution


  • AWS Control Tower (security)
  • AWS Cloudwatch Alerts
  • AWS DynamoDB
  • AWS Serverless
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS S3
  • Microsoft .NET